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About Roosevelt Club

About Us

We are Czech citizens and Native English Speakers and Professionals working together to promote native teaching methods, practices (and outreach), the long-standing democratic ideals and volunteerism, intrinsic to the five English speaking countries, culminating in the club motto: “English through knowledge; knowledge through English”.  

We believe English should be a second useful language for the Czech people not another subject to belabor and agonize over.  The reward English offers is to understand and be understood by over 2 billion people not to mention the vast and growing body of English in the Arts and Sciences.

Finally, we want to demystify the relationship of the Czech speaking people and their history with America and its people.  Along these lines we will endeavor to create a juvenile English library in the Czech Republic.  If our goals and reach seem broad we are encouraged by the words of FDR:

“It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something.” —FDR May 22, 1932

Below are listed the Roosevelt Club’s Seven Main Goals:

•Provide productive resources for native methods, practices and culture

•Support bilingual individuals and families and their multicultural identity 

•Provide library services for children/juveniles (“Books for Babies”)

•Emphasize English as a living breathing language (not a subject)

•Promote Democracy (all five English-Speaking countries are democracies) 

•Demystify the USA after 40 years of Communist propaganda  

•Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas between the two cultures